Executive Committee for Track Development

Mr. Joseph Effertz – StoneGate Motorplaza & High-Performance Racing Club / Developer & Founder / Avid Motor enthusiast — “Bentleys to Bulldozers”

Mr. Andy Slankard  — Program Manager / FORD MOTOR CO.
30+ years of experience as a driver, engineer, and program manager in the automotive performance and racing industry. He raced competitively, while developing many of Ford Motor Company’s performance vehicles including Ford GT, SVT Lightning, SVT Focus, FR500S/C, and the Cobra Jet. Engineering Manger leading the Ford’s technical efforts in NASCAR for 4 seasons.

Mr. Scott Quick — Minnesota Sports Development Group
Over 25 years of motorsports facility operations management, event promotion, facility development and design experience. Served as a principal with the International Motorsports Entertainment & Development Corporation and founder of the Minnesota Motorsports Development Group in the acquisition and development of several motorsports facility projects throughout the U.S. Formally served as Vice President & General Manager of Minnesota’s Brainerd International Raceway.

Mr. Martyn Thake — MCS / Track Engineering and Design Consultation
More than 30 years of comprehensive motorsports experience. Encompassing over 100 different motorsports facilities around the world that have benefited from my design, redesign and inspection input. In 2014 I began working on a unique project directed at car collectors and enthusiasts, the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, MI. I was recently retained by the Goldenport Motorsports Group in China to design two new FIA level 2 facilities. Other recent projects include; the new competition course at Brainerd International Raceway, Palm Beach International Raceway in FL, Pueblo Motorsports Park in CO, Palmer Motorsports Park in MA, Wild Horse Pass Raceway in AZ and Eagles Canyon Raceway in TX.

Mr. Miguel Jaramillo  – Strategic Advisor / Reece Commercial Real Estate and Integrated Roadways — SMART PAVEMENT Advisor
As a Brokerage Associate & P3 Advisor, he provides integral guidance and a high-value network of resources that assist key partners/stakeholders in the overall development of a project. Currently, he is leveraging key public & private partnerships to help bring Integrated Roadways’ Smart Pavement TM system to market in Colorado, Kansas and Missouri.

Mr. Chris Depperman — National Director of Finance Operations for Berkshire Hathaway Automotive
25+ years with Van Tuyl Automotive Group & over 40 years in the Automotive Dealership Business in the Kansas City and Dallas, TX markets.

Mr. Cliff Johnson — President of Alpine Graphics
Avid SCCA FF amateur race car driver and motor enthusiast. Premier Track Member and Member of the Porsche Club.

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SCOTT QUICK (218) 821-1648   – Minnesota Sports Development Group