High Performance Racing Club located at StoneGate – A “Members-Only” Private Track and Club

Passion for owning performance, exotic and classic cars has been gaining speed all across the nation.  The market has been stoked by Baby Boomers: 59% of the roughly five million cars owned in the United States belong to Baby Boomers and “autonomous vehicles of the future are closer than one can imagine.  The unfortunate reality is that at some point, the only place to enjoy true horsepower from behind the wheel will be in a private setting such as this…..

As options for retirement spending and investment expand to meet the needs of the Motorsports Community, new & private race tracks have been built.  Car and Driver noted that golf course construction has been on the decline while finding a race track where the average driver can take his car out are “few and far between.”

Private tracks offer ways for all performance, exotic, classic, and specialty car owners to enjoy their investments.

  • Classic cars have almost 500% return over the past decade, outpacing art and wine by more than 100%, according to the Knight Frank Luxury Index.
  • According to Luxury Daily (March 2016), classic cars hold value in the same way that real estate does in tumultuous economies.
  • Steve Linden, co-founder and fund manager at Chrome Strategies Investments, “I’ve never seen collector cars recognized so universally as alternate assets and works of art.”
  • “It was remarkable during the recession to see the whole world on fire and collector cars—even in the worst categories—were holding their own or even continuing to increase,” observes McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty Insurance Agency. “People buy a lot of the best classic cars for the purpose of using them for something.”
Stonegate Racing Track

Track Design

The 2.2 mile asphalt track will be a state-of-the-art facility.  GPS technology, laser precision, and multiple camera towers are engineered into the daily operations of the Track for monitoring, security and training purposes.  Professional Racing Simulator training is available now and future Sims will allow for real time racing with vehicles on the track in a Clubhouse setting.

Other Features:

  • The Final track design takes advantage of the current physical terrain and a strong straight away feature with significant elevation change.
  • Inner track configurations can be utilized for Driver’s Education & Kart racing.
  • Johnson County, KS is mainly concerned with Safety and Noise Levels as relates to this project –the noise has been resolved through multiple Sound Engineering Studies performed by several professional firms from around the Midwest.
  • Opportunities available include Driver Instruction, Race Ready Training and Preparation seminars, Car Rentals and Ride alongs.

High-Performance Racing Club

Thank you for your interest in this private Membership Club.  Below are the most frequently asked questions:

  • The 2.2 mile track & Final Development Plan have been approved by Johnson County.  Track width is designed at 32 ft wide.
  • We anticipate to begin moving dirt in the summer of 2018 based on Membership interest levels.
  • We offer 4 levels of membership in the High-Performance Racing Club – Auxillary, Premier, and Corporate as well as “Clubhouse Only”.
  • 75 total memberships will be available to begin with. If we receive more commitments than anticipated from corporate and premier members, we may limit the number of memberships available to maximize track time and experience for our members.
  • The track season is year round (weather permitting).
  • Track sessions for each level will be based on 30 to 60-minute intervals and/or up to 40 laps per 50 minute period.
  • Very limited track rentals are being considered at premium fees. The daily track rental fee will ultimately be determined by availability and internal costs.

Due to the finite number of memberships and level of interest to date, we encourage you to submit this form to receive a track overview packet with membership details and non-binding expression of interest to hold you place in line. You can also contact us in any of the following ways:

  • Phone: 913.489.7223 (RACE)
  • Email: Joe@ampks.com


SCOTT QUICK (218) 821-1648   – Minnesota Sports Development Group & HPR Track Operations Director
Over 25 years of Motorsports facility operations management, event promotion, facility development and design experience.  Served as a principal with the International Motorsports Entertainment & Development Corporation and founder of the Minnesota Motorsports Development Group in the acquisition and development of several Motorsports facility projects throughout the U.S. Formally served as Vice President & General Manager of Minnesota’s Brainerd International Raceway.  Please contact Scott with specific questions about daily Track Operations.

SG Club Membership $150

Includes: Private Event Pass for Parking, Clubhouse  & Simulator Access, Wearables and more!

SG Club
SG Club Membership card