1.  Can I purchase a Private Garage with one or more people?

Yes.  We permit up to 2 owners per garage space and up to 5 owners for units over a base of 2500 sf. with some restrictions. Whether family members or friends.  Owners must comply with the HOA Covenants that govern the StoneGate Community which restrict parking outside of garage and the number of daily visitors.

2.  Can I access my Private Garage any time?

Yes.  All Owners have 24/7 access to their unit year round.  Gate access is monitored and all owners have individual codes for recording of entry and exit of the site.  Track access will have separate coded access for Track members Only and specific designated hours of operation.

3.  Can I live in a Private Garage?

The StoneGate Motorplaza Property is not zoned for residential living and thus the Private Garages may only be occupied for casual intermittent stays by owners and are subject to local ordinances.  All spaces such as lofts or mezzanines must comply with local codes.  However, Private Garages are taxed as “Residential” based on their use which is a huge savings over typical commercial garage space.

4.  Can I rent my space to other individuals?

Owners may not rent individual space or parking to others in their garage.  Owners may be allowed to sublease as long as the sublease is approved by the Developer and adheres to HOA Covenants and restrictions.

5.  As a Garage Owner, how much access do I get to the Private Track?

Garage Owners do not have immediate access to the Private Track unless they join the StoneGate Racing Club.   Garage owners are allowed a premium discounted initiation fee and garage ownership is the only way to have “permanent access” to the Track.    There will be private weekly events that include track time only for “Garage Owners & Guests”.

6.  Is there a Property Owners Association?

Yes.  All Private Garages at StoneGate are governed by the StoneGate Condo Association, which is a non-profit corporate organization under State of Kansas law and is responsible for the management, maintenance, operation and administration of the common elements, easements and affairs of the condominium project in accordance with the documents filed and registered with the State of Kansas, Johnson County.

7.  Can I decorate the outside of my unit?

For the most part the answer is NO.  In order to maintain a consistent appearance outside the owners of Private Garages may not customize the exterior with the possible exception of the main walk door.  Flags are permissible and only recommended while occupying the unit.  The options on the inside of the Private Garage are endless and are where dreams are made!

8. What expenses are there beside Property Tax?

As with all real estate , the local tax assessor will determine the assessed value and apply rates, but it is important to note that Garages are taxed at the Residential Rate as the intended use is residential in nature.

The garages operate on electric with no natural gas, so each garage has a separate electrical meter.  All water is included in the HOA fees which are evaluated by a 3rd party annually and are currently running $170 per month per garage.  Satellite TV an internet services are provided individually through AT&T.   All HOA, Electric, Taxes and Insurance are mandatory expenses.  HOA fees may change annually and are based on each Garage Door allocation.

9.  Can I bring my pet to StoneGate?

Yes.  StoneGate welcomes pets provided that they are licensed and vaccinated.  Pets are not permitted to roam and must be attended at all times and kept on a lease as consideration of other owners and their guests.  Guests may not bring pets.

10. Can I sell my Private Garage in the future?

Yes.  Similar to any real estate, owners will be able to sell their unit(s) at any point in the future.   The Development Group has a first right of refusal to purchase any unit within the first 3 years of ownership to help protect the other owners from a quick sell transaction.

11. What is included with each Garages?

 All Private Garages include 200 amp electrical panels, floor drains, heavy duty over-sized overhead doors, steel walk doors, insulated walls & ceilings and 24 hour security camera/gated access.  Some units include heated floors and outside aprons, outdoor deck and windows.  Any additions that impact the outside of the building, such as adding a window after initial construction, must be approved by the HOA Board of Directors.

12. How are common areas handled during Public events at StoneGate?

Public events and Philanthropic events are part of the Community Life at StoneGate.  Owners have the right to reserve space in front of their Units prior to the start of any Annual or Monthly event for personal use during that event.   Each event is responsible for security and each garage owner can choose to attend or not participate at all in events.  Public events are typically held 1-2 times per month during the non-winter months.